Car leasing in Cyprus

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For as low as 300 Euros per month!

Car leasing in Cyprus is a great opportunity to get a new car right away without the hassle of banks, interest rates and stress, think of it as long-term car rent in Cyprus. Do not miss out on this great opportunity.

Despite the ongoing turbulent economy in the world and Cyprus in particular, our company has always strived to keep up with the times, given the rapidly changing needs of our regular and potential customers. Now, you have the opportunity to lease any car in Cyprus with us, you can choose from our available stock in Cyprus or find a new car to your liking. We can offer any car to lease in Cyprus to your liking.

We offer plenty of added benefits:

Flexible payments

Clear and predictable expenses

All maintenance expenses are included

All service expenses are included

Tyre change

Advice and Support on vehicle upkeep

The advantages of car leasing or long-term car rent in Cyprus:

Your vehicle is given to you immediately on the same day after payment and is not registered on your company’s balance.

Usually our customers pay monthly but we can arrange other special payment conditions.

During the term of the lease agreement we are interested in reliability and maintenance of our cars. All our advice and activities are directed towards maintaining technical service of our vehicles at the highest level.

You choose for yourself the level of services you require.

We simplify your taxation.

We offer the best product either for small or large corporations.

You’ll see how easy it is to be our client. Minimum paperwork, choose what kind of plan you are interested in, the vehicle type, term of lease and our specialists will help you to find the most suitable one.

Contact us now to find out more about car leasing in Cyprus or long-term car rent in Cyprus.

Terms and Conditions:

Minimum contract period is 2 months

All cars are Manual